Daytrotter Released

Daytrotter Image

We were fortunate to spend the last day of our fall/winter tour for 2012 with Daytrotter. It was new to us but all too familiar at the same time. Load in, set up, press record and play….just with different carpet. It is neat to have had that opportunity at the end of a tour and a year. It is a snapshot of who and where we were at that moment in our lives and career (duh..). We tend to lose track of what we are doing through the constant motion and white noise. So much static can become silence if you let it. This was/is an opportunity for us to breath and reflect, refine and set the next course. It is all too easy to hit the grind and forget the soil your standing on, and in a certain way loose your sense of self. This was special for us and we really want to thank daytrotter for the opportunity, their hospitality and work ethic. “But hey…enough of my yakkin, what do ya say…lets boggie”


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